From the Mind of Terrance Minefield
Sometimes science is pointless.
Fact: "Love Me Tender" is about chicken strips. Damn those things are tasty!
Terrance says: Hot Fun in the Summer Time

I, Terrance, hate summer in a contemptuous passion that would sooner destroy the sun than suffer another day of this insipid season. The sun, seen as a bringing of light and good things, only brings me woe and delirium as I suffer through its UV aggression and waste away into nothing but a shell of a fat man. I hate the sun. I also hate the stairs, but more so the sun, and thusly summer with it.

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Minefield says: Is Your Deodorant Extreme Enough for Minefield?

The answer is no, it is not. Not only did I get a sweet ass motorcycle, I also when skydiving. Holy shit was it awesome! I knew I was going to like it but damn, I was not prepared for the thorough awesomeness that was exiting a plane with a parachute. I think I'm going to have to get my license so I can go down with a snowboard and a sword, battle, then kite board down a mountain.

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